10,000 Trees Saved Every Day



Saviola’s production process for the construction of the Ecological Panel® allows 10,000 trees to be saved every day. The wood collection takes place through its recovery from industrial and commercial companies, municipalities, utility companies, and public bodies.

Ecological Panel® is the best possible choice, because it creates an infinite cycle of wood. It is the first and only board to be 100% post-consumer recycled wood.

Every year, wood amounting to about


ends up in landfills or is burned.

The Heart of Saviola Beats for the Environment

Saviola, The Eco-Ethical Company, through eco-sustainability and theb ethics of recycling, is the leading processor of post-consumer wood in the world, with 1.5 million tons processed every year.

Lowest Emission Board

Saviola has, since the nineties, been developing low formaldehyde emissions glues.
Thanks to the considerable efforts of Sadepan in the research and development department, the group is able to offer particleboard panel with the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world.

Water Resistant

Replacing water damaged cabinetry and trim finishes cost homeowners millions of dollars each year in repairs. Saviola’s core panels boast 13-hour water resistance while Innolac panels provide 9-hour water resistance. Gorgeous finishes with added protection from water incursions makes our Italian product line the definitive choice for fabricators and homeowners alike.